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Hideaway Luxury Inn & Resort Template

Hideaway Luxury Inn & Resort Template
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Hideaway Luxury Inn & Resort Template by ThemeWagon

Hideaway is a high-quality template crafted especially for any holiday resort, hotel or luxury inn. Furthermore, its intelligent structure helps you to create any related websites with just minor changes.

Be that hotel, motel or even small start-up business or agencies, Hideaway has the potential to turn into any of them.

Main features of Hideaway holiday resort / hotel / luxury inn booking template:

  • 23 HTML5 Demo pages (With Dimension Imprinted Placeholder Images)
  • CSS files
  • SCSS files
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Uncompressed Javascript Files
  • Functional PHP Contact Form Processor
  • Technical things that can be listed
    • Bootstrap 4.0 beta.2
    • Jquery 3
    • RTL support
    • CSS3 & HTML5
    • Unique Preloader
    • Smooth Parallax Background
    • Responsive CSS Helper Classes
    • Smoother Animations with GSAP
    • 10 Set of Components with Documentation
    • Cross-browser Support

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